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Great Accessories Make a Difference


Finding a place you call home is emotional.   The buyer falls in love!
Like any relationship, before someone can commit, they need to visualize what life is like together. Living in your home.

Home staging gets the heart fluttering.  It's a spark set off by beautiful comfortable design that looks and feels like home.  It motivates buyers to fall madly and deeply in love with your place and it makes them make an offer quickly. 

STORYBOOK STYLING BY CINDY DOLE creates a deep emotional connection through careful design and inspired home decor detailing and finishing to sell your home faster and at a higher price.

We do this by telling a story of lifestyle and fueling the imagination in every room by captivating the senses. We turn boring into breathtaking, average into awe-inspiring and good into a gorgeous game changer.  It is a Storybook Styling.

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Home Staging statistically increases the value of your home. Storybook Styling can increase the value of your home and selling price by at 10-20 percent over asking price.

We believe in Unlocking Happily Ever After.

It's about creating the fantasy of what life would be like living in your home. They have difficulty seeing it when the home is an empty slate that looks like no one lives there.  

In order for buyers to feel like this is their castle we devote time to developing a detailed plan that accentuates every space with hand selected accessories and furnishings to make each room sensational, updated, gorgeous and warm. 

We will consult you in our walk-through analysis that in just two to three hours will identify the best enhancements for the biggest return and we will pinpoint simple fixes as well as needed accessories to tell your home's story and lifestyle. We also make the process effortless so you aren't leaving any money on the table.

And, because these days the buyer must first be lured to visit a home through online photo shopping, we provide professional home and real estate photography with proven superstars we work with, who excel in lifestyle luxury photos using state of the art cameras, lenses, and lighting that make your home look worthy of the cover of  Architectural Digest or House Beautiful and get buyers to start to feel the love.

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